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7 Days of Gaming for Good

Over the course of 7 days, we ran three charity events.

Indie Games Make It Better

The first event, Indie Games Make It Better, celebrated indie games and indie developers who champion LGBTQIA+ inclusion in their games and in their work. We collaborated with Playtra Games and Gayming Magazine to invite developers to the games showcase, and then we recruited streamers, built the event website, distributed stream kits, and coordinated the marathon itself.

All proceeds went directly to the It Gets Better Project to support their work with LGBTQ youth around the world.

Elder Scrolls Online: Give a Sweetroll!

Working directly with the Elder Scrolls Online at Bethesda to bring this event to life, this weekend event featured a relay of official ESO streamers and a bevy of supporting streams from other volunteer content creators. The ESO team also contributed prizes and incentives and a generous direct donation. All proceeds benefitted No Kid Hungry’s efforts to fight childhood hunger.

Sea of Thieves: Pineapple Plunder

In collaboration with Rare, Microsoft, and the esports production team Status Effect, this fundraiser revolved around the promotion of “charity sails,” buyable cosmetics within Sea of Thieves. To drive more awareness to the sails, we worked with Status Effect to host a 48-hour relay that featured dozens of the top Sea of Thieves streamers, and then we followed that event with a week of volunteer streamers. As of this writing, the event is still going with proceeds going to No Kid Hungry.

Marketing Monday: The Click Economy

Every click is a point of friction for your prospect. If you reduce the complexity of your buying process, even if that means eliminating one extra click, your conversion rates will improve.

Marketing Monday: Marketing Through Experiments

Good marketing is not just about getting results today. It’s about laying the groundwork for results tomorrow, and that means using your marketing to gain new insights about your customers, your platforms, and your industry.

Marketing Monday: Marketing Potholes

A small problem in your marketing will get worse over time (becoming a big problem), but here’s the real trap: Fixing that problem means getting back to where you were before you can make real progress again.

Case Study: Twitch Fundraising with Retro Games

A quick case study from a project we got to work on: Based on channel engagement history we predicted a fundraising return of $15,000 from this Twitch event. We ended over $19,000. This is another great example of the power of Twitch and how going above and beyond to engage your target audience can lead to big results.

Marketing Monday: UX for International Audiences

If you are marketing outside of your native language, you need to do more than just translate the literal meaning of your message.

You need to reimagine the entire experience of receiving that message.

Design and user experience matter in all languages, and your new audience may have different UX preference than your current audience, especially if their language of choice uses different layout conventions.

Marketing Monday: Get Physical

At our agency, we often talk about making our marketing “invisible.” For a prospect, it’s very easy to feel marketed to, so we strive to create marketing that doesn’t feel like marketing. Sometimes, using a physical experience can create a memorable experience that, for at least a moment, is just sincerely engaging in its own right.

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