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Case Study: Twitch Fundraising with Retro Games

A quick case study from a project we got to work on: Based on channel engagement history we predicted a fundraising return of $15,000 from this Twitch event. We ended over $19,000. This is another great example of the power of Twitch and how going above and beyond to engage your target audience can lead to big results.

Marketing Monday: UX for International Audiences

If you are marketing outside of your native language, you need to do more than just translate the literal meaning of your message.

You need to reimagine the entire experience of receiving that message.

Design and user experience matter in all languages, and your new audience may have different UX preference than your current audience, especially if their language of choice uses different layout conventions.

Marketing Monday: Get Physical

At our agency, we often talk about making our marketing “invisible.” For a prospect, it’s very easy to feel marketed to, so we strive to create marketing that doesn’t feel like marketing. Sometimes, using a physical experience can create a memorable experience that, for at least a moment, is just sincerely engaging in its own right.