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From launching video games to building B2B sales funnels, our work gives clients new competitive advantages even in the most crowded markets. By blending data-driven best practices with our proven process for brand innovation, we forge memorable experiences for customers new and old.

Our services include:

Content Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Full Strategy Development and Management

Twitch Marketing

Data Analysis and Reporting

Paid Advertising Management

Translation and Localization

Influencer Marketing

Public Relations and Press Engagement

Carper Creative Leadership


Marshal Carper


Marshal’s first step into the creative world was at 19: he wrote for the Nintendo DS RPG, The Black Sigil. Today he is a career marketer and the author of more than 15 books. From the stages of conventions like TwitchCon to the mats where he has coached UFC fighters, his professional experience is equal parts diverse and intensely immersed. With his work spanning journalism, video games, combat sports, and a variety of client industries, he brings a nuanced perspective formed from years of working with innovative creators at the top of their fields.

The Team


Ian Cisneros

Lead Creative


Ilysh Bolaño

Creator Relations


Christine Stimpson



Christian Cueto

Video Editor


Liyana Chua



Teodor Cimpeanu

Director, Minecraft Development


Ronald Gallano

Graphic Designer

Serving an international audience?

We have a full translation & localization team in-house to handle your full scope of international marketing needs, from translating tweets to translating full books.

B2C Marketing and B2B Marketing

We work with a range of brands across a variety of industries–from employee benefits advisors to doctors to sports apparell brands–so that we can draw upon a diverse background of experiences for our clients instead of repeating the same old marketing plans in the same old industries.

For these clients, we can:

Build and optimize sales funnels

Create high-conversion lead magnets

Optimize ecommerce stores

Capture and synthesize all of your marketing data

Increase the impact of social media

Manage your email marketing

Write memorable blog content

Execute a digital strategy

Video Game Marketing

The games industry is more competitive than ever. In an average week, over 160 games launch on Steam. We help indie developers and game publishers overcome the noise of the space to create lasting relationships with players.

We can help you:

Run paid digital ad campaigns

Optimize your Steam presence

Book streamers and influencers

Engage with key games journalists and press

Engage with key games journalists and press

Connect with game reviewers

Create limited edition physical promo items

Cut trailers and graphics

Make a splash on Reddit

Twitch Marketing and Twitch Fundraising

Livestreaming is the new frontier for marketing, and we are leaders in tapping the interactive potential of this space. Non-profit fundraising, product marketing, community engagement–We have the network and the expertise to inject your brand into this highly engaged ecosystem.

With our help, you can:

Tap into deeply passionate fan communities

Reach a new pool of donors for your nonprofit

Leverage streamers for unique social media content

Tie your brand to the momentum of key game audiences

Create original Twitch activations via the Twitch API

Establish a Twitch presence ahead of your competitors

Learn how your brand can benefit from Twitch marketing.

Our founder co-authored
“The Business of Indie Games: Everything You Need to Know to Conquer
the Indie Games Industry.”

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