Doing Good with Games

Connect your cause to the growing groundswell of livestream fundraising.

We help nonprofits to:

Tap into deeply passionate fan communities

Reach a new pool of donors for your nonprofit

Leverage streamers for unique social media content

Build and produce livestream events

Tie your brand to the key momentum of key game audiences

Create original Twitch activations via Twitch API

Establish a Twitch presence ahead of your competitors

Collaborate with industry leaders to reach players

A Few of Our Favorite Collaborations

Hunger Hunters

Produced with the support of CAPCOM

Race to Mythic 2020 and 2021

Produced in collaboration with Wizards of the Coast and DMsGuild

Pineapple Plunder

Produced in collaboration with Status Effect and Rare

Give a Sweetroll

Produced in collaboration with Bethesda

Farming February

Produced with the support of GIANTS Software

These Acts Are Tough to Follow

What about first Breakfast?

In collaboration with the fan community behind Minecraft Middle Earth, we recreated a film marathon experience inside of a 24-hour Minecraft stream. While HermitCraft streamer ImpulseSV traversed Middle Earth, viewers could send aid or send monsters to attack. Full of custom models and voiceover and featuring a guest appearance from a Lord of the Rings actress, this was a one-of-a-kind charity moment for Twitch. Read the full story.

Catch a Million to Conquer Kids’ Cancer

With the help of app developers EchoGateTech LLC, we created a tool that enabled creators to log the Pokemon they caught live on stream. For 7 days, over 115 streamers volunteered to fundraise for the St. Baldrick’s mission of conquering kids’ cancer. Viewers could check global leaderboards to see who had caught the most Pokemon, and creators could populate their streams with dynamically updating widgets that tracked the creator’s ranking, their recent catches, and created a parade of all the Pokemon being caught by streamers in real time.

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