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Marketing Monday: Translation vs. Localization

Are you pushing your brand to serve customers around the world? You should be mindful of how you target other cultures and other languages if you want your message to truly resonate. Here’s what we’ve learned from our process.

Mega Cat Marketing: MAC Cosmetics and Video Game Lipstick

Flying in the face of gamer stereotypes, MAC Cosmetics leveraged a clever partnership with a popular game in China to move a reported 14,000 units of a special edition lipstick. This shows us that there is massive potential in the crossover between video games and marketing and that we should be more open to considering diverse target audiences.

Marketing Monday: More ROI from Doing Good

Red Bull sponsoring Games Done Quick can teach us a lot about how our brands approach corporate social responsibility in their marketing efforts. If you have the right strategy, your charitable efforts can do double and triple-duty for the cause and for your marketing.

Marketing Monday: Part of the Story

Your product and your brand exist within a larger community. What are you doing to be a part of that community? What are you doing to help that community tell their story?

Mega Cat Marketing: Non-Profits on Discord

Discord is a rapidly expanding platform in the gaming world that combines chat, voice chat, and streaming into one tool. Gamers use Discord to build niche communities around a variety of topics, and they use Discord in place of other chat tools like Skype because of how seamless the community and gaming integrations have become on the platform. Marketers are starting to recognize the value of these communities and are getting creative with how they build their brand presence on Discord.

Marketing with Video Games: Wendy’s Tackles Tabletop RPGs

Wendy’s continues its trend of interesting content marketing by releasing a tabletop RPG manual. Filled with artwork, lore, and guide material, this free game gives gamemasters (think DnD) the tools they need to run a Wendy’s themed campaign. Is this 30 years too late, or is this Wendy’s capitalizing on a record-breaking interest in tabletop roleplaying?

Marketing Monday: The Competitor Trap

Yes, you should be watching what your competitors do in their marketing, but you should be careful about what conclusions you draw from what you observe. Here’s why and how you should think about your marketing instead.

Mega Cat Marketing: The KFC Dating Video Game

I Love You Colonel Sanders! Is a “A Finger Lickin’ Good Dating Simulator” from the fast food chain KFC. This game was released on Steam and formed the foundation for a uniquely targeted marketing and ad campaign. The game quickly went viral because of its memorable content. The big lesson here is that you can use a game to show a different side of your brand in order to speak to a very particular audience.

Marketing Monday: When to Stop Testing

If you’ve read the Innovative Brand or have been an internet marketer for some time, you are familiar with the idea of testing and using data from those tests to inform how you refine and execute marketing in the future. However, some brands use testing as a safety blanket to avoid actually doing something big, trapping themselves in a loop of small tests and never actually betting big on an initiative. To avoid this, establish the crossroads for your marketing from the get-go. Know at what point you will have answered the right questions to truly decide what you go big on.

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