Marketing Monday: Customer Journey Mapping

The customer journey, or a sales funnel as we prefer to call it, is the summation of the steps a prospect goes through to become a customer. They might visit your site, read a few pages, download a whitepaper, open an email, talk with a salesperson, and place an order via your portal—for example.

Your sales funnel should be a way for you to plan and measure your marketing.

We recommend the following:

  • Make a list of every marketing tactic you have in play
  • Assign that marketing tactic to a role in your sales funnel (you can use our sales funnel model to make this easier; link below)
  • Assess the performance of each tactic according to what job it is supposed to do in your funnel

To learn more or to download our in-depth guide to building an effective sales funnel, download the Innovative Brand via the sidebar.

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