Nichole Castillo – MMA Matchmaker – The Open Boardroom Ep. 17

November 15, 2018
November 15, 2018

Nichole Castillo has been behind the scenes in the mixed martial arts world since 2005, and in that time she has been responsible for some of Pennsylvania and Ohio’s most successful events. As a matchmaker, she coordinates the bouts for the events, which means managing everything from picking exciting fights to recruiting fighters, to following through on a litany of responsibilities to both the event promoter and to the state’s athletic commission.

Though Nichole’s business is not a traditional one in terms of what businesses are usually covered in podcasts like the Open Boardroom, some of her insights are universal. Those insights include:

  • A candid look at the challenges of making an event engaging and successful
  • An unfiltered perspective of being a pioneering woman in an industry traditionally dominated by men
  • The value of relationships and the rewards of building an extensive network

Currently, Nichole is the MMA matchmaker for Pinnacle Fighting Championships, Bizzarro’s Boxing & MMA Promotions, and Made Men Promotions.

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