Marketing Monday: Look Backward Before 2019

Your marketing plans for 2019 should be built out by now, but as you head into the new year, I want you to challenge all of your marketing assumptions. Just because something worked well for your brand at one point does not mean it will continue to do so. Look at every part of your marketing plan with a fresh set of eyes. Here’s why marketing that used to work can lose its efficacy:

  • Audiences evolve and change over time, which means their tastes and needs change as well.
  • Platform or algorithm updates can mean that content types that used to perform well get less exposure.
  • The approach that used to work has gotten stale and boring for your audience.
  • A competitor has raised the bar and now your audience expects something better and fresher.

Assumptions can poison your potential, so hunt them down and think deeply about them before rolling them over into your new plan.

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