August 31, 2018

JR Homer – LevelTan, INSTATan, Namaste Soaps – The Open Boardroom Ep. 12

Welcome to the second season of The Open Boardroom.

I have long admired JR’s ability to embrace adversity and to innovate under what many business owners might see as dire circumstances. From a chain of family-owned video stores made obsolete by consumer and technology trends to a tanning industry stunted by new rules and regulations, JR has found ways to generate profits and to remain competitive even while competitors close up shop around him.

In this episode, learn how JR:

  • Developed and launched a custom software platform to extend his reach beyond two brick & mortar tanning locations in Pittsburgh and into salons around the country
  • Used stifling regulations as opportunities to reinvent pieces of his business to continue maximizing floor space through new products and new services that still fit the spa experience he aimed to prove clients
  • Expanded his business portfolio again by manufacturing bath bombs and white labeling lotions to add another revenue in his salons while also breaking into sales at other salons

This episode is a wonderful example of how a savvy business leader to find ways to continuously evolve, grow, and iterate on a business.

Listen via the Libsyn link above or click here to download the episode directly to your listening device of choice.

To learn more about JR, visit:

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