24 hours of magical Minecraft moments. Over 1 million meals raised for children in need.

Slow page load times ahead. This event was big!

A movie marathon reimagined in Minecraft

What About First Breakfast? was developed in collaboration with the award winning Minecraft Middle Earth server and featured ImpulseSV of HermitCraft as its host. Over the course of 24 hours, ImpulseSV adventured through Middle Earth with Twitch chat by his side, reliving iconic film moments – All to benefit the nonprofit No Kid Hungry.

Note: This event was built with the support of Lord of the Rings fan communities. Carper Creative donated all of the assets created for this fundraiser to Minecraft Middle Earth after the event concluded and claims no ownership or rights to any Lord of the Rings characters, assets, or intellectual property.

An epic stream full of epic moments

This charity fundraiser featured:

  • The Minecraft Middle Earth server as a setting
  • Over 15 custom-crafted models with custom textures and animation rigging
  • Over 20 donation incentives integrated with the Tiltify API, giving donors the ability to trigger in-game content in real-time
  • Multiple scenes featuring voice-acting created exclusively for the event
  • Guest appearances from original cast members, such as Sarah McLeod (Rosie Cotton)
  • 6 hand-drawn timelines so viewers could follow the film-progression alongside the stream
  • Over 120 illustrations inspired by the style of Lord of the Rings
  • Dozens of Twitch-specific assets, such as layouts and transitions
  • Fan-generated trivia challenges
  • A professional production team managing the stream for 24 hours
  • A colossal battle where viewers were invited to fight alongside the host

Tiltify integrations so that chat could join the fellowship

Tiltify is the standard for live-stream fundraising tools, enabling compliant and transparent fundraising as well as several opportunities to use donations as content-creating moments. For this event, viewers could use their donations to:

  • Send Gollum to visit the host
  • Spawn a Ring Wraith to attack the host
  • Light up sting
  • Give ImpulseSV Lambes bread 
  • Spawn Corey, the No Kid Hungry apple-core mascot, with a message written by the donor
  • Kill Boromir (he’s used to it)
  • Make it rain potatoes (PO-TA-TOES)
  • Summon an orc to attack the host
  • Summon a goblin to attack
  • Put on the ring to go invisible
  • Spawn an Ent to help the host
  • Deliver an elf goody bag of helpful items
  • Drop a Hobbit sign with a custom message
  • Force the streamer to stare into the eye of Sauron
  • Send an iconic companion to help
  • Trigger a random potion effect 
  • …and more

Custom Models

These models were made exclusively for this event and were built to appear in vanilla Java Minecraft without having to download mods. The models, textures, and animations (most models have multiple animations for attacking, walking, taking damage, and so on).

Event Highlights

24 hours is a lot of content, so here are a few screenshots of some of our favorite moments, such as the gold-covered Smaug flying overhead or the whimsy of a potato rain.

Fantasy art for a fantastic event

24 hours is a lot of content, so here are a few screenshots of some of our favorite moments, such as the gold-covered Smaug flying overhead or the whimsy of a potato rain.

The Full Event

Relive all 24 hours (or click around the timeline a bunch to get the idea).

The Quest Concludes

$104,582 raised for No Kid Hungry
Every $1 leads to 10 meals for children in need
What About First Breakfast? Delivered 1,040,582 meals!

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