Marketing with Marshal and Meesha: Ep. 6 Moving at the Speed of Content

April 28, 2016


Facebook recently rolled out their Instant Articles feature to all users. Previously limited to exclusive business pages, Instant Articles allows content creators to rapidly deliver their work to mobile Facebook users, cutting down on the load time and delay that usually occurs when users click a link on Facebook and wait for a new window to load.

This change sparked a discussion about the value of content speed and the return on delivering a powerful user experience in general, covering the full spectrum of the topic, from content design to the technology under the hood.

The big lesson: Every second matters, so design your content accordingly.

More About Facebook’s New Content Feature:

Tools We Mentioned:


About the Hosts:

Marshal is a content marketer and founder of Carper Communications. Learn more about him and his work at

Meesha is a designer and founder of RedTree Web Design. Learn more about her and her work at

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