Tom Baron, big Burrito Restaurant Group — The Open Boardroom, Ep. 10

The restaurant business is hard. It’s a fast-paced high-stakes industry, and running a restaurant means keeping a grip on a dozen different variables–employees, product, customer experience, marketing, and so on. When Tom opened the first Mad Mex, he knew that he was making a gamble he could win. Today, some 14 Mad Mex locations later and now with more than 1100 employees across his full family of restaurants, of which Mad Mex is a part, Tom has learned a lot about what it means to run a successful restaurant.

In this podcast, Tom talks about everything from day one of his first restaurant to how he chooses new restaurant locations to the data that he uses to drive his day to day decision making. This is an information rich conversation with one of the smartest businessmen in Pittsburgh. I had a blast doing it, and I think you’ll have as much fun listening.

To learn more about Tom Baron and his work:


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