Sam Dyer – Founder, Designer at Bitmap Books – The Open Boardroom Ep. 23

April 12, 2019
April 12, 2019

Sam Dyer is a career designer who turned a passion for classic video games into a blossoming publishing business. Bitmap Books takes product experience to a new level, which is high praise for a medium as old and as competitive as books. Sam built a book experience that appeals to the true super fan, investing in high-end touches that most publishers ignore.

In this podcast, Sam I talk about:

  • A new way to think about what a book can be
  • The value of investing in product experience
  • The relationship between brand experience and product experience
  • The challenges of serving a hardcore, passionate audience like gamers

To learn more about Sam, connect with him on LinkedIn.

To learn more about Bitmap Books, visit their website.