Mayor Rhome, Canonsburg, PA — The Open Boardroom, Ep. 7

In the world of politics, the tendency on the general public’s part is to focus on high-profile presidential elections, and every facet of government below that fades into the background. Local government, even though it might not receive the same level of attention, can have a profound impact on communities and the businesses within them.

And that’s why I reached out to Mayor Rhome of Canonsburg, PA. In this episode of the Open Boardroom, we cover a wide range of topics, from the challenge of bringing local businesses back into a small town to the challenge of dealing with the local impact of a nationwide drug problem. Rhome has dedicated the majority of his life to civil service in some form, and his insights into what helps a community thrive is likely to uncover some facets of government and business that you overlooked.

To learn more about Mayor Rhome and his work:


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