Marketing Monday: TwitchCon and Boldly Going Where Your Brand Has Not Gone Before

I had a minute before the doors opened on that last day TwitchCon in San Diego, so I wanted to share a few observations from the brands I talked to at the event. Major brands like Statefarm, Honda, St. Judes, and Make A Wish were there showcasing the success they have found on Twitch and in gaming, but many of the brands I spoke with (many of whom are at or near that same scale) were candid about being new to Twitch and not fully understanding the community or the platform.

This is amazing. These are marketers and leaders who recognized that their audience was on Twitch, and they embraced the discomfort of having to learn something new and potentially make a few mistakes along the way to serve them in a new and, perhaps, better way. This is a big lesson that many brands ignore, and I hope your brand bucks that trend.

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