December 10, 2018

Marketing Monday: The Capacity of Your Marketing Team

A great marketing campaign can fail if the team executing it does not have the right resources or capacity to manage it. Because of the nature of marketing work, managing the true bandwidth of your marketing team can be challenging. Here’s how to make your team more efficient how to gain better insights into understanding how much more they can take on before needing a hand:

  • Estimate the hours necessary to complete tasks before a project begins and then track the actual hours as the project develops. Having a record of these hours can help you to budget accordingly in the future.
  • Map out your team’s strengths and skills and be wary of asking them to take on tasks beyond their expertise without the proper training and support.
  • Use contractors and consultants to expand your capabilities and to tap into expert execution. This approach can be more effective than fulltime higher because an agency gives you access to multiple resources and the ability to scale up and scale down where you apply budget without a cumbersome hiring process.

Your internal team has great people on it, so give them the runway they need to succeed.

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