Marketing Monday: Maximizing Content ROI

One of the largest mistakes brands make with their content is thinking too narrowly about how and where to use it. For the budget and time required to create great content, you should be looking to leverage each piece in as many ways as possible. With this mindset, a single piece of content should have at least three applications.

When you create content, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Can I make this a part of an email campaign?
  • Can I turn a piece of this content in a graphic to share on social media?
  • Can I develop an animated version of this content?
  • Can I publish this content through a partner’s platform?
  • Can I discuss this content on my branded podcast?
  • Can I use this content as the basis for an advertising campaign, large or small?

Are you struggling with contact ROI? Shoot me a note. Let’s talk about it.

Tree Graphic Credit: Designed by Freepik

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