Marketing Monday: How long should content be?

Many people assume that digital content has to be short. That’s not always true. In fact, sometimes long form content is the most effective kind of content. What matters more is context. Sometimes, brevity is the best route to take, and sometimes taking a deep dive is more effective.

Content marketers have known this for a long time, but a recent TechCrunch article brought it back to light.

For business owners, however, this can be frustrating and confusing. You want to tell people about everything that you do and why they should care about your business, but first-time visitors to your website are likely to bounce away if they are greeted by a wall of a text. At that point, short content makes the most sense. Once a person has gone deeper into your sales funnel, long form content becomes king. Once someone has expressed interest in what you do, a well-written e-book or white paper can go a long way. And the same goes for blog content, both for retention and for lead nurturing.

If you put long content in the right place, it can give you a big advantage over your competition.


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