Jack Fullen, WPIAL President — The Open Boardroom Ep. 8

In addition to his work as Athletic Director of Blackhawk High School, Jack Fullen also serves as the president for WPIAL (Western Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic League). Over the course of his career, Fullen has seen the business of high school sports evolve alongside a changing landscape in education. In this interview, Fullen talks about the growth of his own career, how his early professional opportunities came about and how he grew a career around a cause he was passionate about.

In telling this story, Fullen touches upon current challenges in running sports programs and managing the moving parts of an organization as large as WPIAL. At the same time, he talks about his work in fundraising and where he sees high school sports going–for better or for worse. While Fullen might not be a business leader in the traditional sense, he is charged with managing multiple communities with a range of stakeholders. If your business has a community-driven component–and most businesses do–you should listen to this podcast.

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