Eric Harvey, Imagine Careers — The Open Boardroom Ep. 4

April 21, 2016

Imagine Careers aims to disrupt the typical job hunting process with a new approach to connecting potential employers and potential employees. Eric and his team are rethinking the traditional job board model to help every stakeholder in the process find deeper, more meaningful common ground. Instead of stopping at surface level variables like work history and skills lists, Imagine Careers strives to measure candidate and employer fit on more intrinsic factors like company culture, lifestyle, and work-life balance.

Eric Harvey, co-founder, President and Chief Technical Officer, sat down with me to talk through his team’s vision. Our discussion explores the challenges of competing against established Goliaths in the job board space, the technology behind his platform, and how his own company culture practices what the Imagine Careers platform preaches. Even if your goal isn’t to found a start-up or to build a new piece of software, Eric’s insights into betting big on his dream, finding the right partnerships, and carving an entirely niche in a tightly contested industry are both interesting and educational.

I loved this conversation, and I think you will too.

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