September 4, 2018

Dave Karraker – Vice President of Communications for Campari Group – The Open Boardroom Ep. 13

You may not know Dave Karraker by name, but you have almost certainly experienced or been touched by his work. With high-level marketing experience spanning brands like Kmart, Allied Domecq Spirits and Wine, Sony Computer Entertainment America, and his present work with the Campari Group, Dave’s marketing work has been hard to miss.

In his work with Campari alone Dave played a part in brand collaborations with the likes of Matthew McConaughey and Ryan Reynolds, orchestrating campaigns that elevated Campari brands on a range of platforms, from ambitious television commercials to bold and controversial billboards looming over city streets.

For my part, I reached out Dave because of his part in orchestrating a Deadpool takeover of the Espolòn Tequila social media properties in the days leading up the launch of the newest Deadpool film.

This conversation was a blast, and it covers:

  • Dave’s perspective on the future of marketing and PR
  • The challenges and opportunities of injecting new life into well-established brands like Wild Turkey or Skyy Vodka
  • A uniquely candid perspective in Dave’s insights from the field and how these insights affect businesses big and small

In our brief conversation, I learned a great deal from Dave while also affirming many of the best practices I have to be effective in my work. This episode is an eye-opener, for sure, and I suspect you will finish this episode with a brain racing with new ideas.

Listen via the Libsyn link above or click here to download the episode directly to your listening device of choice.

To learn more about Campari Group, visit their website at

To learn more about Dave, follow him on social media at:

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