June 10, 2016

Chocolate Milke Interning


My name is Cassie Holstein and I was offered an internship with Carper Communications this summer. I am a junior at Wheeling Jesuit University where am working on my major in communications and minor in business. I am currently working with Chocolate Milke, the Canonsburg Lake Restoration Project, and a video game being produced for Trinity High School.

The first big task I am assigned to is regarding Chocolate Milke. This is a children’s apparel company based in Los Angeles, California. Chocolate Milke designs and produces leggings for children (and adults). With these products, they hope to encourage exploring and creativity in young kids.


Currently, the client is struggling with the size of their audience. When looking at the sales funnel, the exposure section is what Chocolate Milke is lacking in. They currently have a small following and are brainstorming ways to reach more people. So the challenge we are looking to overcome is growing our audience at Chocolate Milke and figuring out ways to do it.

Overcoming this can be handled in many ways, but we came up with writing a book. We are featuring the founder of Chocolate Milke along with many other women in the Los Angeles area. The strategy is to portray these powerful women as role models for other women to follow their dreams and know that they can accomplish anything they put their minds to.

Ultimately, this is our solution because we are aiming to grow our audience using the other women’s followings. By marketing the book to their audience, we are getting our name to more people who may not know about us. In return, the other women in the book are being exposed to the people who shop with us and the followings of the other women in the book.

Overall, this is a strategy we are hoping works to get our name out to others. Once we get more exposure, we can work on focusing on other parts of the sales funnel such as the lead generation and retaining our new customers and other areas that Chocolate Milke may be struggling in. We are just getting started with this project and have a tentative schedule for it to be done in about six weeks.

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