November 1, 2018

Brian Regienczuk – CEO, Agency Spotter – The Open Boardroom Ep. 16

Brian has been on both sides of the marketing agency dynamic. At Coca Cola, he was deep behind the scenes as a Group Director, helping to manage and execute Coca Cola’s international marketing efforts. From there, he transitioned into the agency world and saw the business of marketing from the other end of the relationship.

Now, in his work as the CEO of Agency Spotter, Brian is working to bridge the divide between brands and agencies, helping every stakeholder to find the right partners and to collaborate more effectively.

With his extensive marketing background as a springboard, Brian and I discuss a range of new best practices for both businesses and agencies big and small. In this episode, we talk about things like:

  • The common missed opportunities in the agency/client dynamic
  • A better way to find and vet new marketing agencies
  • Trends in marketing that are likely to affect the business world as a whole in the future

Listen via the Libsyn link above or click here to download the episode directly to your listening device of choice. Click here to subscribe to the show on iTunes.

To learn more about Brian and his work at Agency Spotter, visit

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