Bill Sarris, Sarris Candies — The Open Boardroom Ep. 2

This episode is quite a treat.

In the Pittsburgh region, Sarris Candies has forged an incredible reputation for their product and for their brand. In terms of the American dream, the Sarris family has lived it. Starting his company out of his home Frank Sarris started making chocolates, and candy piece by candy piece he grew his home shop into a thriving store front and production hub.

In this interview, Bill Sarris reveals one of the key drivers of Sarris growth and talks about what it’s like to be the steward of his family’s legacy. He discusses the economic challenges of running a candy company–in good times and in bad–and how behind the scenes decisions with hiring and supply chains have affected the growth of the company. Even if you’re not going into the candy business, the insights that Bill shares into mindset, philosophy, and strategy are likely to help you see your business differently.

If you’re a listener from outside of Pittsburgh, shoot me a note when you’re in town. We’ll get a milkshake at Sarris together.

To learn more about Sarris Candies:


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