November 29, 2018

Ben Goldstein – Content Marketing Manager at Nutshell CRM – The Open Boardroom Ep. 18

Ben Goldstein has been creating content for more than a decade. Building on a foundation in journalism, Ben was one of the pioneers of mixed martial arts reporting. Though his work looks much different now, many of the key insights into effective digital content that made him successful then are driving his success now. Today, he is a Content Manager for Nutshell, a breakout CRM, and uses content marketing to capture new customers in a hyper-competitive space.

My conversation with Ben covers a wide range of topics, driven partially by my lingering passion for all things combat sports, but we cover some powerful marketing and sales ideas. Those topics include:

  • The Nutshell product and how it has set itself apart in a space occupied by well-established giants
  • A practical philosophy for how to think about content marketing and the nature of its potential for ROI
  • How to rethink guest posts and collaborations for efficiency and more effective backlinking strategies

And there’s so much more. This is one of my favorite interviews to date.


Visit the Nutshell website to learn more about their “sneaky powerful” CRM.

Connect with Ben Goldstein on LinkedIn to learn more about him and his work.

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